Handling Your Own Removals

Handling the move to a new place all by yourself, without the help of professional movers can be a very daunting idea. However, this decision might be justified, if you just don’t have the financial ability to pay to have your stuff handled by a moving company, especially in the current economic situation. Not to mention the fact that you may not want to have strangers walking around your home or having access to your most precious and private possessions. So you’ve made the decision to go it alone. What now?
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This decision, albeit money-savvy might leave you at a loss for a bit. You may wonder where to even begin. But DIY removals are really not all that complicated and with the right amount of planning and a little help from friends, neighbors and relatives this can actually turn out to be the easier option, saving you the trouble of having strangers invade your home and the expense of paying for costly and sometimes very inefficient removals. That said, if you do choose your removers wisely, this can actually end up saving you time and money, but always stick with the option that you’re most comfortable with. This article will provide some helpful advice on how to get yourself organized and have your move go as smoothly as it would have with professional help.

1. The first step is planning. Really, if you don’t plan out everything – how long packing each room is going to take you, what you’re going to use for transportation, when is your transport going to be available, when are your friends or neighbours going to be free to help out, where are you going to get boxes and packing materials from, which rooms are you going to use for storage, etc. – you run the risk of running into trouble and unexpected problems. Unforseen circumstances are a possibility anyway, but if you budget for time to deal with them, you can continue with your move just as planned. So these are the crucial things that you need to know.
Handling Your Own Removals

2. The first step of planning is obviously arranging your transport. A good idea here is hiring a van, but you will need a licensed driver who is free on the day of your scheduled move to drive it. Another option is a man-with-van type service, where you hire the vehicle along with the driver. However, when opting for this option, always remember to use someone, whose reputation you’re able to check, as scams with this type of transport are quite common. Alternatively, if you’re really pressed for cash, why not ask around your network – friends, colleagues, neighbours and relatives – if anyone would be willing to lend you their vehicle for a day or two, or even offer their services as a driver. Obviously this is a big job, so you may want to tip your friend in some way or another – buying them a drink or rewarding them with a home-cooked meal for example.

3. Next, when you’ve got the date of your move set, it is time to recruit as many people as possible to help you. Once again, you could lean on friends, just make sure the people you ask are organized and trustworthy – the last thing you want on as stressful day like this is to have unreliable people around. Also, make sure you manage your time correctly – ideally, you should start organizing, packing and getting rid of clutter at least two weeks before your scheduled moving date. http://bermondseyremovals.co.uk/home-removals/