Move Yourself or Hire Movers?

When it is time to make a big move, the first thing that people ask is “should I move myself or should I hire a moving company?” The answer is “it depends.” There are many things that you must consider as you decide what option is best for you and your family.

Are you willing to do all of the physical labor yourself? If you are going to pay labors to help, you need to know that labors are more likely to break items if they are not professional movers.  Are you prepared to drive across the country with a large rental truck if you are not an experienced truck driver? This is extremely important to consider if you are moving when there will be a lot of snow or rain on the road.  Are you going to be pack up your house properly so that nothing breaks during the move? If you pack up yourself and something breaks, you are the one to blame.

You must consider everything carefully when you are deciding if you should do the move yourself or if you should invest in hiring a professional mover. The extra cost might be well worth the investment if you are not an experienced mover. International moving you should not consider moving yourself.

The cost of moving yourself is not always as cheap as it seems. You not only have to pay for the truck rental as there are many other costs involved.  The fuel costs alone can be astronomical. This cost is a huge expense especially with fuel costs on the rise and the fact that the average moving truck only 6 miles per gallon. You will also have to pay for insurance for the rental truck, hotel or motel rates, food for each person traveling and other expenses you incur on the road.

Hiring a professional moving company might not end up as expensive as you might think when you consider all of the costs associated with moving yourself and the reduced chance of damaging your belongings. Hiring a moving company may not be the best way to move with efficiency. It is important when you decide that you want to invest in hiring a moving company that you thoroughly research each company before you hire them. Read all the online reviews about the company and make sure they are the most reliable, trustworthy and professional company available. The moving rate is not necessarily the most important factor to consider. Do not just hire a moving company because they are the cheapest around.