Questions to Ask International Movers

There are times when changing one’s address does not only mean changing zip codes. It may mean moving to another country— whether to a foreign land to face new friends, new laws, and new customs or to one’s own land after an out-of-the-country stint.  Whichever it is, hiring international movers is one requirement that needs to be met.  Here are some questions that one can ask when deciding on which service to use.

Where are you headed and what is your schedule?

It all begins with the itinerary.  International movers will base their quotations on this as well as the bulk of items that need to be moved. It will be best if the planning stage is a bit far from the date of the move.  There is no need to fret if you are close to your moving date since there are companies that can expedite their services.  With travel details at hand, it will be easier for international movers to discuss their various offerings and rates.

What type of service are you looking for?

Another question that the movers will ask is the type of service that the customer requires.  One may choose between a door-to-door service and a door-to-port service.  In a door-to-door service, the items are picked up from one’s residence, flown to the destination country, and transported to the new address. This is more expensive yet requires less effort because the international movers do all the work. A way to spend less is through a door-to-port service. The company delivers only to the port of the destination country. The consignee can then arrange for local ground shipping. When choosing between the two, it is wise to consider the combined cost of a door-to-port service plus the local transfer against the cost of the full door-to-door service.

What should you look for in a moving company?

International moving and shipping is a big operation which requires numerous licenses for each country of operation. It is important to avoid fly-by-night international movers by asking the company about their permits and accreditations in both countries of origin and endpoint. When cost is a question, the right company will agree to survey the pieces and estimate the cost of the move. It will also be good to deal with international movers that have their own fleet, a local office in the destination country, and storage facilities at both ends.

Hiring the right international moving company can make moving out of a country a breeze. By asking the right questions, it is easy to find the moving company that fits one’s budget and needs.